Our Team

Our Team

Our Legal team

We pride ourselves for the dedicated, highly qualified and motivated practitioners, who are not only very experienced but also multicultural and multilingual (Greek, English, Spanish, French, Arabic) so as to be able to meet the demanding needs of the global shipping industry.

The Firm’s legal team is comprised of solicitors, lawyers and legal consultants, having not only excellent academic qualifications but most importantly, having all specialised in all facets of dry shipping sector.

The team is also backed up by two ex-Master Mariners having a great sea-going experience, who, in addition to their thorough knowledge and invaluable practical experience, with which they considerably contribute to the successful handling of numerous matters, accept appointments for almost all ports worldwide.

In addition, the Firm prides itself for the technical experts employed in its branch office, who provide their most detailed advice and exceptional assistance on all matters. They also accept appointments to attend on the spot, whenever need arises.

All our Solicitors, Lawyers, Consultants, Technical Experts, and ex-Master Mariners, provide their expert touch to the approach adopted for every single matter.

Depending on the needs of each case, we extend our claims team by coordinating with our associated offices in London or in New York, or with our affiliated and branch offices, ensuring that the dispute in question is being dealt with most efficiently, promptly and to the best interest of our clients.

Our clients find that Waveblue makes the difference because of the special knowledge of the dry bulk sector, but also because of the prompt responses and acute advice combining viable, realistic, commercial solutions to legal matters.

We consider commitment to transparency to be a prime obligation towards our valued clients and as such, we always issue our invoices, containing very detailed narratives, every third week. However, we are open to discuss producing invoices even on a more frequent basis.

We consider ourselves as not only offering our best services to our clients, but in essence, being co-walkers in the same path that our clients have elected.

Moreover, Firm’s team enjoys membership to the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (‘LMAA’), Institute of Chartered Arbitrators (‘ICA’), The London Shipping Law Centre (‘LSLC’), The London Court of International Arbitration (‘LCIA’), The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (‘ICS’) and The Hellenic Shipbrokers Association (‘HSA’).

Our insurance brokers’ team

The Firm’s insurance brokers’ team is comprised of most experienced brokers but also by highly qualified risk management consultants. Having an acute awareness of the shipping realities and the options open to our clients, we carefully consider the specific needs of each one of our clients and provide detailed advice on the best, tailor-made, alternatives that suit every client’s needs for Protection & Indemnity, Freight Demurrage & Defence, Hull & Machinery, and Cargo insurance.

In addition, our insurance brokers’ team specialises in all covers for special risks, such as ‘Designated Person’s Ashore’ and ‘Personal Kidnap & Ransom’ insurances, whilst focusing mostly in ‘Marine Kidnap & Ransom’ and ‘Loss of Hire’ covers, in an effort to provide security against the frenziness of the piracy attacks worldwide.

We consider ourselves as not only offering our best services to our clients, but in essence, being co-walkers in the same path that our clients have elected.