Associated, Affiliated and Branch Offices

Through our worldwide network, in Greece, London, New York, Romania, Egypt and China we are able to serve and assist our valued clients in most fast moving and challenging situations.

Associated offices

Jackson Parton is a specialist marine law practice. The firm handles wet and dry marine, commodity and trade, insurance and related litigation and has established a reputation as being one of the leading maritime law firms in London. The 8 partner firm adopts a commercial approach to its work and it is committed to excellence of product at reasonable cost. The firm recognises that personal service is all important and ensuring the clients’ needs are met as and when they arise is of paramount importance.

The firm has a very wide client base which includes UK public limited companies, Lloyds Underwriters, P&I and FD&D Clubs and substantial shipping and insurance companies worldwide. Unlike many other London law firms they are willing to act as advocate in Court as well as being solicitors. In urgent cases this saves duplication of time and money which using barristers would otherwise involve.


Jackson Parton Shipping Solicitors
1 Alie Street, 4th floor, London E1 8DE, U.K.

Tel: +44 20 77020085, Fax: +44 20 77020858

E-mail:, Web:

Chalos & Co, P.C. is a globally recognized international law firm, which is dedicated to servicing its client’s needs on a 24/7 basis wherever and whenever necessary. In today’s competitive and complex global economy, the firm insists that each of its clients receive individualized personal service and the necessary expertise required to achieve success. The clients’ needs come first and drive our team’s focus to achieve objectives in the most pragmatic and cost-effective manner possible. Recognizing that clients entrust the firm to handle critical and complex legal problems, we are committed to deliver unsurpassed service and the best achievable results. Our proven ability to resolve problems in a realistic, cost effective and result-oriented way is our hallmark.

We strive to know our clients business and provide a full-service and client-specific approach to every matter in which we are engaged to act. Our multicultural and multilingual team is recognized throughout the world for our experience, expertise and success in the handling of cases and problems of all types and complexity. Our commitment to quality legal service is the building block upon which we have built and developed long-standing and trust relationships with a wide range of clients, both domestically in the United States and throughout the world.

The firm represents foreign and domestic corporations, insurers (both domestic and foreign), brokers, third-party claims administrators, shipowners, charterers, protection and indemnity associations (P&I Clubs), energy companies, oil and gas exploration, refiners and transportation companies, manufacturers, shipyards, importers/exporters, stevedores and a broad array of other individuals, professional firms and associations.

New York:

Chalos & Co, P.C. International Law Firm
123 South Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771,


Tel: +1 516 714 4300
Fax: +1 516 750 9051
E-mail:, Web:

New York office

Mr. George Chalos
Mob.: +1 516 7214076


Ms. Kerri M. D’Ambrosio
Dir: + 1 516 714 3050, Mob: + 1 917 853 5716

Ms. Katherine Christodoulatos
Dir: + 1 516 714 3045
Mob: + 1 908 625 2047

Houston office

Mr. George A. Gaitas
Tel: + 1 713 936 2427, Mob: + 1 612 810 8675

Mr. George M. Chalos
Tel: + 1 516 714 3040, Mob: + 1 516 721 4076

Affiliated offices

We also enjoy a special relationship with Seapace International Shipping, giving us an actual insight, but most importantly, viable assistance when dealing with matters throughout Egypt, including Suez Canal, China and Piraeus, Greece.

Is a ship agency, affiliated to Waveblue, operating a network of offices in Greece, Egypt and China.

The firm has specialist knowledge and on-site supervision in all above ports whilst strives to make certain that vessel’s port calls to Bosporus and Suez transits are smooth and trouble free.

Greece – Egypt – China:

Seapace International Shipping S.A.
27-31 Hatzikiriakou Avenue,  185 38, Piraeus Greece.
Tel: +30 210 4291565/6, Fax: +30 210 4290354

  • Mr. Fragiskos Sigalas
    Mob.: +30 6944773712

Branch offices

In addition to the dedicated personnel located in firm’s Piraeus office there is also a branch offices in Constanza (Romania) so as to provide surveyors, port Captains, supervision and/or any assistance necessary throughout the area of Black Sea.

Once again, the highly qualified personnel employed is multicultural (Greek, Syrian, English, Polish, Sudanese, Romanian) but also multilingual.

The overall operation and control of our branch office is being made through the Piraeus office so as to ensure an excellent quality and most reliable service to all our clients.

Is a cargo inspection and supervision company with extensive experience in shipping and transport logistics situated in Constanza, Romania, whilst with a 24-hours notice serves most of the Black Sea ports (Bourgas, Varna, Illyichevsk, Odessa, Yuzhny, Nikolyeav, Sevastopol, Thedosia, Mariupol, Novorossiysk and Turkish Black Sea ports).

The excellent trained staff can undertake quality inspection work, silo and factory quality or quantity checks or inspections, steel/grain inspections, attendance for fertilizers and mineral shipments, ship inspections (on- hire & off hire condition surveys, bunkers surveys, salinity tests, damage investigation, cleanliness surveys), inland transport inspections, load and discharge supervision, arrangement of pre-stowage cargo plans, assistance to Masters.

Romania office:

Blue Ocean Ltd.
Bd. Mamaia, Nr 90, Bloc BI6, Scara A, Et. 7, AP. 27,
Constanza, Romania.

Tel: +40 241401704, Fax: +40 241613617

  • Mr. Lazaros Moshou
    Mob.: +40 788275815
    AOH:+30 6977206778

We consider ourselves as not only offering our best services to our clients, but in essence, being co-walkers in the same path that our clients have elected.