Dispute resolution

Areas of expertise

We are often retained to advise on drafting of charterparty clauses. Our long experience and vast knowledge in contentious and non contentious matters give us the ability to foresee any problems that may arise and take all the necessary steps to avoid them and secure our clients’ best interests by carefully drafting appropriate clauses or amending existing wording, as necessary, always depending on the demands of each case.

At Waveblue our goal is to ensure that the clauses operate as effectively as possible for the protection of our clients. Shipping professionals know that the clauses do not always speak for themselves; this is only one step in the progress. Our team is here to interpret the clauses and analyse their meaning and provide adequate clarifications to our clients in such a way that one can make sense of them and put them in use directly.

We have a strong reputation for our in-depth understanding of law but also commercially and practically dependent issues. Our team’s insight but also genuine understanding of the shipping industry has brought us recognition for our approach, renowned negotiation skills, remarkable success record no only in Arbitrations but also in any level of litigation.

If off-spec bunkers have been delivered to the vessel and deemed unsuitable for use, tremendous problems may arise whilst, in certain instances, these bunkers may need to be off-loaded and replaced by new ones. Whatever is the case, our team’s expertise can provide immediate, detailed and accurate advice on all the steps that need to be taken but also to secure our clients’ position both under the relevant charterparty but also against any bunker supplier or third party.

A bill of lading can be one of the most overlooked items when making shipments. The shipment of the goods starts and ends with a bill of lading. If the information is accurate, the process is simpler and easier. As simple as this seems, nevertheless, there are many problems associated with the bills of lading and/or other related documents. In this respect, Waveblue aims to assist its clients to understand the legal implications and peculiarities of the bills of lading and provide instant advice on any and all problems and practical issues surrounding their everyday use.

Laytime, demurrage or detention disputes can often involve considerable amounts at stake, thus specialised knowledge is more than necessary for all parties tangled in such a dispute. Waveblue team has been regularly involved in all these disputes and can claim outstanding results in this regard, since it pieces together both legal and maritime knowledge for its clients.

The amalgam of professionals having different qualifications coupled with the umbrella of our branch, associated and affiliated offices, have made us pioneers in protecting our clients who find themselves caught in the net of fraud. In addition, our highly experienced and dedicated team prides itself for its ability to track but also recover assets worldwide.

Delayed arrival, voyage deviations, missed cargoes, loss of profits and excess fuel consumption are some of the gentlest aspects of today’s speed and consumption claims. Our advice is not only limited to applying internationally accepted methods of calculating vessel’s performance along with weather observation, in the vessel’s vicinity confirmed by several independent sources, but also seeks to secure our clients’ rights for any consequential losses as well.

Having vast experience in ship arrest procedures we have been successfully involved, during the last years, in ship arrests at various ports and jurisdictions worldwide. Due to our exemplarily skilled team worldwide, we have the ability to cope with all the complexities and obstacles that a ship arrest may involve.

Carriage of goods by sea involves multiple parties and numerous related contracts. When a cargo is lost or damaged, it is not at all easy to determine who has been at fault and who should be liable. Waveblue cargo recovery practice is and has always been at the very core of the firm. Every possible misfortune to cargo has been addressed by our lawyers.

Waveblue is in a position to act in relation to legal issues related to shipping casualties such as salvage operations and/or general average procedures. Clients can be assured of high-level services related to all types of salvage agreements, general average proceedings, environmental and pollution issues or even towage and wreck removal operations.

Waveblue, through its international network of maritime experts, such as ex-Master Mariners, Surveyors, Engineers and Technicians, is in a position to effectively examine and investigate all types of marine accidents to or on board vessels worldwide.

Waveblue’s dedicated team has vast experience dealing with all personal injury issues, such as injuries suffered by crew and stevedores. We find that these are often very delicate and sensitive matters that require a specialist approach. Also, when it comes to offshore work additional considerations must be drawn to any liability in relation to charterparty issues for indemnity.

Waveblue, through its associated partners has the knowledge to secure its clients’ interests via injunctions. Injunction is a powerful judicial tool at the hands of the ones who have the knowledge to use it. A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties and may have to pay damages or accept sanctions. Especially Waveblue’s associated office in London has received the highest credentials for their proven success record.

Mediation has recently proved to be a very effective way of resolving disputes between two or more parties. We are recognised as leading players when it comes to assisting our valued clients to negotiate their own settlement or we may often express in-indepth opinion on what might be a fair, reasonable and cost-effective settlement for the parties.

Waveblue has been quite active both in Arbitration proceedings and in the litigation process. Our success record in Arbitration is quite remarkable, whilst our lawyers’ international network can assure high quality legal services to both first instance and appellate courts. Waveblue not only provides its services to valuable clients, through its affiliated offices in England and USA, but also can assist when needed in Greece.

In addition, some members of Waveblue team enjoy membership in the LMAA and are ready to accept appointments on any dry shipping matter.

All our Solicitors, Lawyers, Consultants, Technical Experts, and ex-Master Mariners, provide their expert touch to the approach adopted for every single matter.